2002 | ChrisT Tabernacle is born

In 2002, a handful of believers came together to pray because they believed that God wanted to do a great work in western Kentucky. They were led by the late Pastor Ben Jent. Together, they shared a desire to chase after God's heart and serve others into their own greatness, therefore, Christ Tabernacle was born. Since then, prayer has remained central to everything we do here. Through prayer, we have seen God do amazing things as the church has grown to hundreds of believers who gather to worship and exit to serve our region with the love of Christ.

2009 | passing on the torch

To this point, Pastor Ben Jent pastored Christ Tabernacle, but in 2009 we saw Pastor Ben hand over this legacy to his son, Troy Jent. For the last twelve years, we have been under Pastor Troy's leadership--learning from his biblical studies, Spiritual inspirations, and receiving the care from his shepherd's calling. 

2010 | a new home

By this time, the original church building had begun to crumble and fall due to its old age, so CT needed to find a new home. Through God's provision, an old bar was made available on Highway US 62--the perfect location and restoration story for a new church. After much prayer and hands-on labor performed by much of the congregation, what was once an old bar filled with the smell of smoke, was now a house of worship dedicated to Jesus that would now be filled with His children.

2018 | Life Center

Over the years, we used our church building for potlucks, vacation bibles schools, Easter dramas, and other events--in addition to our Sunday services. This, as well as a growing congregation, had all of our space and storage utilized. Therefore, we began construction on our Life Center, which would assist in hosting all of our events, as well as providing a space for our up-and-coming food pantry.

2019 | Two Services

With a sanctuary that had a limit capacity of 300 people, we were in need of space that we did not have. On top of a maxed out sanctuary, our CT Kids facility was overflowing, as well. To accommodate for the influx of both adults and children, our team decided it was time to host two services every Sunday--one at 9am and the other at 11am. To keep our congregation in unity, we were determined to conduct both meetings the same--singing the same music and receiving the same sermon. Today, we still worship and celebrate Jesus through two services full of God's people. 

2022 | new sanctuary

Just three years after the start of our church hosting two services every Sunday, we found that we needed more room for the people God was bringing in! So we broke new ground for our new sanctuary which holds six hundred people, along with the renovation of the CT Kids areas! 

november 19, 2023 | 

first service in new sanctuary

On November 19th, CT hosted the first service in the new sanctuary we'd all been praying for! We now give all of our praise to Jesus in ONE service @ 10AM every Sunday!